The following is a list of seminars that TCF provides (with a minimum of 5 attorneys). These seminars can be given at your office, one of our office locations, or at an alternative location of your choice.

Accredited CLE Seminars:

  • Working with Forensic Financial and Forensic Computer Experts
    • Based on a real case where counsel was successful in proving over $1 million in unreported revenues in a family owned business with the assistance of a forensic accountant and a computer expert. The seminar is presented by David Gresen (forensic accountant with KLG) and Peter Theobald (forensic computer expert with TCF). We walk you through the case from initial discovery through the conclusions. The seminar will teach you and your firm how to work with financial and computer experts and what “red flags” to look for in your day-to-day review of case related information. David will walk you through the analysis of the financial information, on-site discovery, and communications with counsel. Peter will teach you the basics of computer discovery and what information can be extracted from a computer and how to go about it so it can be accepted and utilized in litigation.
  • Online Evidence for Matrimonial Attorneys
    • This seminar covers three main topics: (1) the ease with which emails can be faked and how to validate emails used as evidence, (2) preserving webpages, and (3) minimizing costs and eliminating obstacles when subpoenaing an internet company. This seminar includes invaluable resources such as judicial orders, legal articles, statutes and case law, and sample documents.


In addition to the above listed seminars, we will tailor seminars for your firm’s particular interests. Please contact us about this or any of our other seminars.