Computer Forensics

We provide our clients with full support throughout a forensic computer investigation, including:


  • Consultation on subpoena preparation and execution
  • Consultation on ex parte access to electronic devices
  • On-site acquisition of electronic data
  • Creation of forensic copies (images) of hard drives, USB drives, cellphones, backup tapes, networks and a variety of other storage media
  • Assistance in preserving online evidence (webpages, emails, etc.)
  • Assistance in establishing or defending against claims of spoliation of evidence


  • Use of state-of-the-art forensic software and hardware
  • Full analysis of data including hidden, deleted or lost data
  • Keyword searches
  • Document and financial data extraction
  • Access to password-protected data
  • Complete analysis of internet usage
  • Discovery of deleted emails and email fragments
  • Investigation of electronic forgeries
  • Analysis of information provided by third parties (such as internet companies responding to a subpoena)
  • Creation of event timelines (e.g., document creation, transmission and deletion)


  • Investigation reports specifically prepared for use in the legal field
  • Reports and exhibits prepared in any format (e.g., Word PDF, Word Perfect) or medium (CD, hard drive, physical copy)
  • Experienced expert witness testimony