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Digital Forensics
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Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Breach Response.

Digital Forensics

We are experienced working with attorneys and courts to preserve, analyze and present digital evidence from computers, cell phones and other digital devices.

Data Recovery

TC Forensics can recover your lost or deleted data. Dead hard drive? Lost Bitcoins? Deleted photos? We can find those files and restore them.

Data Breach Response

Has your private data been released to the wild? If a hacker or a internal error has exposed private information we can help determine the extent of what was exposed and how it happened. We will help you prepare an appropriate response and prevent another breach.


Some recent examples of matters we’ve worked on.

How many Bitcoins?


Break the Encryption

Partner dispute

He can see everything she does


Hard drive reformatted


Medical Info Made Public

Medical data breach

Hello I’m Calling to Help

Medical data breach

Hard Drive Successfully Wiped


A Danger To His Own Children?


Twisted Lump of Burnt Metal

Data Recovery

TC Forensics

Delivering expertise in digital forensics

Peter Theobald

Peter Theobald

Digital Forensic Expert
Software Engineer

Peter J. Theobald, ACE/AME is a Digital Forensics Analyst specializing in forensic computer examinations and data recovery. TC Forensics offers investigative services and expert advice on matters related to recovering hidden, destroyed, or lost data in connection with a wide variety of litigated matters.
Mr. Theobald has 30 years experience in software development and computer network security. Mr. Theobald has been court appointed as a computer forensic expert in Nassau, Suffolk, and New York County.

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